Hyacinth Macaw

So I made a bird.

This is a hyacinth macaw. I like making birds, they have very clear, very straightforward shapes. I picked a hyacinth macaw because NERD REASONS!!!

So, World of Warcraft, right? There’s a social pet (it just follows your character around and doesn’t do anything) called a hyacinth macaw. They are rare. Super rare. I tried to get one to drop for me a LOT, but it never would. And I was all, “I CAN MAKE ONE!”

So I made one. The tail should probably be a bit longer to be more properly to scale, but I’m pretty happy with it. My hating-it period was right as the legs went on. The beak, I think, really made everything better. I love the beak.

PATTERN! Ravelry!

Next up… More fanart. A certain cranky hunter from a certain favorite game franchise… Also, as I mentioned in my last post, I will be discontinued/consolidating a bunch of patterns. The smaller animals will be all bundled together (like my new mini-whales!). I’m not entirely sure how this is going to work on Ravelry, because removing patterns on there is not exactly possible, but I’ll work it out.

Pattern News

So I’ve been looking through some of my patterns (in the process of updating all of them) and I’ve made… A DECISION. Several decisions? The decision process was followed, at any rate.

Some patterns are going to be discontinued/consolidated. I liked what I did with the mini-whales, and I’ve noticed that my critters tend to come in two sizes- hand-held size and bigger, and the bigger ones all seem to be around the same size. So I will be consolidating the smaller ones with other related critters into bundles! YAAAAAAAAY! (Yay?)

Hyacinth macaw is coming along! It needs a beak and eyes and it’s done, and I may be able to get that done tonight. I went through my stage where I hated it and I think I’m done with that now. I have the feet on, and it stands by itself, which is pretty awesome. And it already has a home waiting for it so it’s not taking up storage space in my tiny apartment. :D

AND… I’ve already decided what I’m making next. MOAR FANART YAAAAAAAAAAY

It’s a Skirt!

So it’s hot again. Well, it’s summer. But it’s, like, HOT. Like, don’t go outside, hot.

Finding women’s shorts that aren’t booty shorts is nigh impossible. (Don’t even get me started on girls’ shorts.) So I’m just all, “SCREW PANTS.”

But… In order to do that, I actually need an alternative. Behold.

It’s a skirt, made without pattern or measuring tape. I don’t recommend the last one. It’s easy to pull together, though. Sew one seam at the back to make a tube. Sew a waistband, put in elastic. Hem. Really straightforward.

But… This whole thing was kind of a comedy of errors. First of all, I ordered the fabric online. I ordered this particular fabric despite the recommendation of a different one (I’LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN!) solely because it’s 54″ across and 44″ just BARELY doesn’t cover my hips. I got big ol’ hips. And I’m a lazy sewer, essentially.

Luckily for me, I ordered the end of the bolt, and there was less than a yard left after my yard, and Joann’s was all, “HERE, HAVE THIS EXTRA FABRIC!” so I had LOTS. Which is lucky, because it’s sheer as HELL. Like, can see my skintone through it sheer. So I doubled it over. Things… went from there.

I ended up having to resew my one seam three times because it’s a crinkly fabric, and it was crinkling itself right out of the seam. Elastic issues, sewing machine issues, pin issues…

I sort-of eyeballed all of my measurements and it’s actually surprisingly straight. I also really love my hem. So next time I go to the store, I think a measuring tape is going to jump into the cart. ;)

BUT. I’m done, my legs are cooler (and happier!!), I got to play with my sewing machine, and it’s, you know… Good for lounging around the house! :D

Little Whales

I… Made something new! Well, a few new things. I liked the idea of having a pattern of five related animals that are quick and EASY to make. So, I started with whales.

Pattern available on Ravelry

WHALES! I think the blue whale is my favorite. :D They fit easily in my hands (and kid hands), they’re shaped without being tricky, and the colors are (mostly) solid colors. I kind of want to do frogs now. And birds of prey. And bears. And other sea creatures. :D Inspiration has come back! I also want to do a couple of larger, more anatomically-accurate animals. So… This is good!

The knight… Well, he’s sitting in a ziploc bag, waiting for me. Maybe I should finish him and his horse before I start anything else. ;)

Interrupted Interruption?

So I have this knight I’m making, right? Well, halfway through, I got hit with sudden inspiration for something else. So the knight is on hold, currently waiting in a ziploc bag for me to sew on his legs and finish him (and give him a horse).

My new project is whales. Little whales. Mini whales. Not to scale, not anatomically accurate, but a cute little representation. The idea is to make related things in groups of five. Like whales, I’m thinking about doing birds of prey (as soon as I figure out how to make the legs/feet that small) that are EASY. I have three done, I need to do two more.

BUT. Yesterday, it got hot. Like, heat advisory hot. Blah. And I was all, “OMG I WANT TO SHAVE MY HEAD.” I’ve done it before, it’s not a big deal, but I was stopped. Because I take the kids outside (when there’s not a heat advisory) and because I’m ALL OF THE PALE, I’d burn my scalp in seconds. So I interrupted my interruption to make… This.

It’s a sunhat. It will keep my head from getting burned. This pattern is found here. It’s a great pattern. It’s a cute hat. I had to take out a round because I have a small head and I took one out of the first brown section when I should have taken it out of the pink section, but that’s a user error, and nothing to do with the actual pattern.

It’s actually the first time I’ve done a magic circle, despite how much amigurumi I make.

So today, I get to shave my head, and there will be more whales! :D And, making the tiny whales has rekindled my interest in making pseudo-realistic animals, so yay for that!

It’s A Dummy!

I settled on something to make. I’ve been tossing around the idea of making a centaur for a while now, which means I have to figure out how to make a horse to scale. So then I figured I’d make a tournament-jousting style knight on a horse. I started looking at different armor and stuff for the knight, and then I realized that if I actually wanted to put it on the horse, the legs were going to be too short to sit properly. And I started thinking about other things that I’ve been missing from my dolls, like hands, and a shaped-in bust for the ladies. So I made a new model.

Wow. I had another half of this post written out and it just disappeared, so I’ll try again. :D When I make dolls, I work off of a very basic model. That way, I can see exactly where I need to change colors, add or subtract stitches or pieces. And so this is Rosa. Differences: Longer legs, longer body, a bust, the head’s a bit different, the arms are longer and have hands(!!) The kids want me to make her another arm… :D

She was also made using an E-hook. I stuffed her quite firmly and I’m pleased that none of the stuffing is showing through, which was starting to happen with some of the older dolls. I think, going forward, I’ll be using an E-hook for all of my amigurumi.

Now I just need to make a horse. ;)

I also have some more “adult-themed” dolls that I’m thinking about doing. If that happens, I will be putting them up completely separately, because this blog (and patterns published hereon) are more, um, family-friendly.

Keychains! (And a revisited shark!)

I was all, “I’ll go through my keychain patterns and fix them up so I can publish them.” I was TOTALLY surprised to find two more patterns than I was expecting, so… Yay! So those are done and up on… Ravelry!





Also, I edited (corrected!) my Great Hammerhead Shark pattern because I saw a couple of reviews on it that said it was less-than-awesome, and… Yeah. Less-than-awesome. If you buy a pattern and it has errors like that, PLEASE let me know, either drop me a line or leave a review so I can fix it. And if you bought the Great Hammerhead on Etsy, drop me an email and I’ll email you a corrected one (the Ravelry ones went out automatically).

In the near future, I’ll be taking the adding wire armature and making a purse lining parts out of patterns and publishing them on here. More patterns edits, mostly just for conserving space (and size!). I’m still struggling with some serious self-doubt but I’m trying!!