Gaige the Mechromancer

Anybody have some mechros they need manced?

So I was going to make Nisha from the Pre-Sequel because that’s who I’m planning on playing (first), and hooray for handy-dandy reference guides.

But then… Matching skin tones with yarn is a pain in the ass. For reals. For really reals. And we don’t have any decent crafty-yarny type of stores here, so everything is kinda squint-at-pictures-on-the-screen-and-hope. So I ordered some new yarn. It might work, it might not, but I’m making Nisha as my next fanart anyway because reasons.

ANYWAY. So I decided to make Gaige. A lot of her bits and bobs are done with two strands of embroidery floss and a size-10 steel hook. Once I got over the initial cross-eyed bits, it wasn’t too bad, despite not having done it in a couple of years. And I like how she’s proportioned with Claptrap.

Knight update: I realized that I was doing him more as an art piece instead of a pattern piece. I may/may not finish him as an art piece in the future.

So what am I doing now? PATTERNS! I’m thinking ducks, but I’m not quite sold on it. Also floating around in my idea box is a Sherlock Holmes based on the now-out-of-copyright first few books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle or some sort of insect. We shall see.


So this happened.

And by happened, I mean I’ve been swearing over him for a couple of days. That is Krieg, my husband’s favorite character from the Borderlands franchise. I’m having post-project high right now, so I’m all :D :D :D

And I got to pull out my pastels to make the white bits on his legs and arms all dirty. So that was fun.

Mr. Craft Frog loves him. SUCCESS!!

I’ll be making a duck family soon, I think. Mother duck, ducklings, for pattern purposes. DUCKIES!!! (But probably more fanart first.)

Have a Drink With Me

I’ve had Escape (The Pina Colada Song) stuck in my head the entire time I was making these. Hopefully now I can move on. ;)

I’ve wanted to do this for a little while now. A couple-few years ago, I took part in a handmade-oriented pay-it-forward, and I sent out crocheted drinks because I couldn’t be with my friends to have drinks. And I finally got it together enough to actually make some and make a pattern-thing.

I like how they turned out! Also, now I want a margarita. Available on Ravelry and Craftsy.

Also, worth mentioning again because it was kind of a throw-away post last time- my body parts keychains have all been made available for free on both Ravelry and Craftsy! I intend to copy them out and post them on here at some point, time permitting. And, a good portion of my patterns have had their prices lowered.

Next up- a fanart thing for my husband. And then potions. Geeky potions.


OH! I forgot to mention this yesterday and I totally wanted to. Oops. ANYWAY. My body part keychain patterns (lungs, pancreas, uterus, and sperm) are now available as free downloads on Ravelry and Craftsy. Just completely free. I will probably also copy them out here at some point (we’ll see. SO MANY PLANS). Also, and I know I mentioned it on the Book of Faces already, I lowered the prices on almost all of my paid patterns. None of the dolls, but most of the animals have had their prices lowered.


More Borderlands! MOAR! (Moarderlands?)


Because they love their fans, Gearbox put up cosplay reference guides for some of their Borderlands characters on their BL website. Obviously I’m using them for 3D art instead of cosplay, but they are INVALUABLE. Mordecai was based on a whole slough of screenshots that a friend helped me get, and it’s a LOT more convenient to use the handy reference guides. Also, the colors are not affected by the background and various lightsources. Just better.

So I made Claptrap.

I designed this one, and he’s a smaller Claptrap than the one I made previously, meant to be in scale with Mordecai (and future dolls in that size). Claptrap in the games can be obnoxious and annoying, and making him was NO DIFFERENT. Just a whole long line of frogging right from the beginning. But there were no major injuries, and he’s done. If I made him again, I think I might move the eye up a little bit, but I’m pretty happy with how he turned out.

Next I’m making… COCKTAILS! Yarn cocktails! With garnishes and stuff.


So, Borderlands, right? Favorite game franchise EVAR. Okay. There’s a new one coming out in October (two new ones, actually, if you count Telltalle’s upcoming thing which I am SUPER excited about as well). And I can’t WAIT to make Fragtrap.

Anyway. I made… Mordecai. Now, this is Borderlands THE ORIGINAL Mordecai.

I’m debating doing a pattern for him. Some of his details are a bit tricky, but it’s MORDECAI! The goggles… I started out with just 6-st circles of dark red, but he looked more bug and less Mordecai, so I changed them out. I like this WAY better.

So he’ll be flying off to Oregon because he has a home waiting for him there. But he was a lot of fun to make.

Hyacinth Macaw

So I made a bird.

This is a hyacinth macaw. I like making birds, they have very clear, very straightforward shapes. I picked a hyacinth macaw because NERD REASONS!!!

So, World of Warcraft, right? There’s a social pet (it just follows your character around and doesn’t do anything) called a hyacinth macaw. They are rare. Super rare. I tried to get one to drop for me a LOT, but it never would. And I was all, “I CAN MAKE ONE!”

So I made one. The tail should probably be a bit longer to be more properly to scale, but I’m pretty happy with it. My hating-it period was right as the legs went on. The beak, I think, really made everything better. I love the beak.

PATTERN! Ravelry!

Next up… More fanart. A certain cranky hunter from a certain favorite game franchise… Also, as I mentioned in my last post, I will be discontinued/consolidating a bunch of patterns. The smaller animals will be all bundled together (like my new mini-whales!). I’m not entirely sure how this is going to work on Ravelry, because removing patterns on there is not exactly possible, but I’ll work it out.